Credit with provisional identity card.

An unusual situation: You want to take out a loan, but your ID card has just expired. No problem, then you think – there is the provisional ID card, with which even trips to many countries are not a problem. But is it really that easy to take out a loan with a temporary ID card? Proof of identification is ultimately an important document, and some banks are really troubled if only a provisional document is available.

Refusal of credit due to provisional ID

Refusal of credit due to provisional ID

Loan with a temporary ID card can become a problem if, for example, you want to use the loan offer in a department store to buy items. The background is very simple because the ID no. the provisional ID card is shorter than the correct ID card. This means that not all target fields of the loan application from the partner bank of the department store or car dealership etc. are filled in and the application process fails. Taking out an online loan without an ID card is also a problematic situation – for the same reason.

Here, too, ready-made forms are put online, which have an ID no. Accept ID documents only in the usual length. The provisional ID card is just a transitional document until the officially valid ID is issued. If you want to take out a consumer loan and have no time pressure, at least with loans in department stores and car dealerships, you should simply wait for the permanent document to be issued.

A passport is simply presented, so that the loan can then be taken out without any further complications. This also has an ID number that can be easily inserted into the pre-prepared application forms.

What alternative do I have to get a loan with provisional paper?

What alternative do I have to get a loan with provisional paper?

The easiest way to obtain a loan with a provisional ID card is usually at your own bank. Important: You are already known at the institute. The ID card is of no importance for the credit check or information provided by Credit bureau anyway, because the provisional ID card can be used as a valid registration confirmation by the Residents’ Registration Office for these processes.

This document is sufficient for manual processing of a loan with a provisional ID card, because it is only intended to prove your own identity and current place of residence. Other established credit institutions also accept a provisional ID card without any problems, because this is also about proof of identity – the ID number. has no influence on the processing formalities. Normally, the loan with a provisional ID card is not a hurdle and the application is also possible.

If in doubt, your own bank or a branch bank are the right place to go for an ID card with provisional ID documents. An online loan, especially if it is a Credit bureau-free loan, can only be applied for with a valid ID.

Credit repurchase: combining consumer credit and real estate loan.

When committing to a mortgage, this is an opportunity to take stock of your financial situation. If several consumer loans are being repaid, why not ask for a consolidation of all the loans? A single rate, a single repayment period and a single monthly payment for a more comfortable budget, it is worth thinking about!

Mortgage global credit

Include the consumer loans already taken out, in a global credit including the mortgage

The main element taken into account by the financial institution is the debt ratio of the household that contracts the mortgage. If this rate remains below 33%, the borrower can take out his mortgage and continue to repay his consumer loans. Otherwise, there are several solutions:

  • the early repayment of consumer loans to settle the capital remaining due in order to engage in real estate credit;
  • consolidating credits under a single loan to reduce household debt and increase the capacity to take out a mortgage.

This second measure is carried out in two stages: the redemption and the signing of the new loan. The last solution consists in grouping the consumer loans and then integrating this repurchase in the mortgage as soon as more than 60% of the total amount of the loan are dedicated to the real estate acquisition.

Redeem a credit including a home loan

Redeem a credit including a home loan

Financial institutions generally do not see any objection to carrying out a grouping of loans, regardless of the number or types of loans outstanding. Thus, consider a credit buyout with a mortgage and several consumer loans is quite possible! This type of buyout even has a name: buyout mortgage loans.

Lending institutions easily accept this transaction since it offers a major guarantee: the property being repaid. A mortgage which serves as a guarantee for the bank in the event that the customer is in default of payment.

In addition, the repurchase of credit can be accompanied by additional cash. Each bank has its own rule, but in general, we can retain the following rule: it can amount to 75,000 USD maximum if the cash is allocated (to works for example), or 20,000 USD in the in case of a repurchase of mortgage credit, if it is free (not affected).

The costs of a loan buyback with a home loan

The costs of a loan buyback with a home loan

The repurchase of credit allows, in short, to improve the readability of the monthly payments while reducing them. This is made possible in particular thanks to an extension of the repayment period and an increase in the total cost of the loan. Note, the administrative fees in the case of a mortgage loan repayment amount to 1% to 1.5% of the total amount depending on the bank (but are capped depending on the bank and the product).

Car loan when the first installment is due – tips and information

For example, if you finance your car loan with a classic installment loan, you pay constant installments every month. Low monthly installments are paid for the final installment financing. for further explanation

The most important thing in keywords

  • The maturity of the first installment can be freely agreed – the following month after the loan payment is customary
  • Special features, such as an extended right of return, show the product details
  • Compare in detail and let the software help you
  • Submit your application now – of course without any obligation –
  • Thanks to smart software, the comparison shows you only individually tailored offers

Car loan when is the first installment due – the overview

Car loan when is the first installment due - the overview

Many consumers cannot pay for a new car or a used car in cash. Others, in turn, are taking advantage of the current low interest rates and are not touching their well-invested reserves. Car loan when is the first installment due? The due date – the following month – after the loan payment is usual

No matter which type of financing the car buyer chooses, the question of a car loan arises when is the first installment due? Many lenders give options to choose from. An installment can only be due after 30 days or after 60 days or even after 90 days. The rate will depend on the loan amount, i.e. the purchase price of the car. Car buyers should seek out various loan offers. There is a classic installment loan, a special car loan or balloon financing.

The car dealer offers three-way financing with a final installment. Before a loan application is made, car buyers should make a loan comparison.

Car loan when is the first installment due – the interest rate options

Car loan when is the first installment due - the interest rate options

Generally, two variants are offered for installment loans. First, a credit-dependent loan or a credit-independent loan. In the case of a credit-dependent loan, the interest rate will depend on the borrower’s credit rating. The better this is, the cheaper the interest rate becomes.

Customers can expect a possible interest rate of 3% to 8.5%. In the case of a credit-independent loan, which is also called a fixed-price loan, the amount of the interest is not measured by the creditworthiness. Lenders offer a uniform interest rate, for example 4.75% pa Of course, the bank also checks the creditworthiness here.It is not possible to say generally which of the two forms of credit are the better. Borrowers should consider their own financial situation as a guide.

If you are financially well off, if you have a regular income and a clean school and possibly a home, then credit-related loans can be a better choice for this borrower.

Car loan when is the first installment due – the loan comparison

Car loan when is the first installment due - the loan comparison

Before a loan application is made, car buyers should make a loan comparison. Smava’s is non-binding and free of charge and only shows reputable providers.

A credit comparison can answer not only the question of the car loan when the first installment is due, but also the duration and the amount of the installment. With a car loan, it is worth entering the purpose. With one click, the customer is shown a list, with the cheapest providers leading the list. The customer sees an interest rate and the installment amount.

With an appropriate term, the rate can be varied, either up or down. Regarding the interest rate, there is to say that, as already described, this mostly depends on the credit rating. Borrowers should be guided by the APR. Before starting the comparison, it should be important to determine the loan amount, i.e. the purchase price.

Here, the car buyer could already find out from the car dealer whether and how much discount he would receive with a cash payment.

Car loan when the first installment is due – the credit rating

Car loan when the first installment is due - the credit rating

The creditworthiness is the approval factor No. 1. Borrowers only receive a loan if they have a corresponding creditworthiness. If the credit rating is rather poor, perhaps reducing the loan amount could increase the chances of getting a loan. In general, however, sufficient income is necessary.

Job security is also crucial, including how long the borrower has been employed. Few borrowers know that where they live also plays a crucial role. How much other liabilities may be. Marital status, number of children.

The unencumbered credit bureau is very important and to check this, borrowers are advised to obtain self-assessment from credit bureau once a year. Possibly some entries could already be deleted. Borrowers should know that the more security they can offer the bank, the lower the interest rate.


There are various financing options for financing a new car. Borrowers should not only pay attention when car loan when the first installment is due, but also the amount of the installment.

Because a car loan is usually paid off over several years. Therefore the financial situation should be stable.

Bank loans online

Cheaper and safer loans

Cheaper and safer loans

Banks offer relatively lower interest rates compared to the non-banking sector. Banks are able to offer products tailor-made according to the client’s requirements. This loan is one of the least risky.

Banks currently offer their clients a wide range of services. Nowadays, “life on debt” is a very popular lifestyle and banks are adapting their offer accordingly. The diverse range of lending and borrowing options covers virtually all demand. Thanks to public surveys and self-monitoring, they respond appropriately to the acute needs of individual companies or people. Low interest on bank loans is redeemed by complex administration, the necessary integrity and a clean record in the debtors register. Only then is it possible to obtain a loan from the bank without any problems and to take advantage of all the advantages offered by bank loans. Recently, there are also loans without confirmation of income, in cases where the applicant is a bank client and he / she sees his / her income and payout as he / she regularly goes to the account.

Rates of loans


As already discussed, interest rates are relatively lower than for comparable products in the non-banking sector. However, it is important to note that the interest rate is not everything. Banks charge a variety of fees for account maintenance, account statements, settlement fees, repayments, fees for various orders, and the like. Therefore, it is always necessary to monitor bank loans not only the interest rate, but the full APR, which tells us the amount of the amount we actually pay for the loan.

Properties of bank loans

Properties of bank loans

Bank loans are very specific in many respects. Proper repayment is required. Banks do not like clients who are late in their payments. They often treat them as very risky and problematic clients. The recovery of funds costs the bank extra funds that it does not want to spend. Therefore, banks considerably more screen their clients before they even provide any loan. It is necessary to prove income, expenses, prove sufficient creditworthiness, to prove the permanence of employment and its prospects, often it is required to prove the purpose of the loan and its use. All this must take place before the loan is concluded, so that the bank is satisfied and the loan can be closed.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages

The general benefits are lower interest rates, so the loan is cheaper. On the other hand, it is not for everyone; banks assess creditworthiness more closely and lend credit applicants more than non-bankers.

  • Lower interest
  • Lower APR
  • Less risk
  • Less throughput
  • More documentation and auditing
  • Longer execution


Loans for young people are granted.

Young people are just beginning their independent lives. You are starting an apprenticeship, want to get a driver’s license or move to your first apartment. These things always cost money, which is often missing. A lot of money is not yet made in training and may just be enough to make ends meet.

A car can be helpful to get to university or training place and nobody wants to live with parents forever. Banks know that young people in particular also have wishes that don’t want to wait long. For this reason, loans are granted to young people.

What are the requirements?

What are the requirements?

If you want to apply for this loan, you should know a lot in advance. If the applicant is not yet of legal age, the signature of the parent or guardian is required for the loan. Without this signature, no bank grants a loan. This is because the loan with a low salary, like the training salary, is not sufficiently secured. Banks do not take any risks when lending and want to have the borrowed money back.

Another criterion that young people must have when granting loans to young people is that they no longer work during the trial period. During the trial period, the employment relationship can be terminated from one day to the next by both the trainee and the boss.

Conditions of the bank

Conditions of the bank

Loans for these people are granted on special terms. So it is usually only a small loan, the loan amount is not higher than 5,000 USD. In this way, the bank wants to prevent young people from getting into excessive debt. If you already have a fixed employment contract in your pocket, you will also be able to take out higher loan amounts. The interest on loans for young people is low, because the loan should not burden young people too much. Today’s young customer is tomorrow’s high-earning customer. Thus, many banks lure with attractive offers.

What should be considered

What should be considered

A budget should be drawn up before taking out loans for young people. This is where expenses and income are entered to see if there is any money left at the end of the month. This amount can be used to determine a loan amount and thus a repayment rate. The first way should lead to the house bank, because this, where the current account has already been opened, knows the finances of the applicant very well and can give valuable tips and provide urgent advice on loans for young people.