Credit with provisional identity card.

An unusual situation: You want to take out a loan, but your ID card has just expired. No problem, then you think – there is the provisional ID card, with which even trips to many countries are not a problem. But is it really that easy to take out a loan with a temporary ID card? Proof of identification is ultimately an important document, and some banks are really troubled if only a provisional document is available.

Refusal of credit due to provisional ID

Refusal of credit due to provisional ID

Loan with a temporary ID card can become a problem if, for example, you want to use the loan offer in a department store to buy items. The background is very simple because the ID no. the provisional ID card is shorter than the correct ID card. This means that not all target fields of the loan application from the partner bank of the department store or car dealership etc. are filled in and the application process fails. Taking out an online loan without an ID card is also a problematic situation – for the same reason.

Here, too, ready-made forms are put online, which have an ID no. Accept ID documents only in the usual length. The provisional ID card is just a transitional document until the officially valid ID is issued. If you want to take out a consumer loan and have no time pressure, at least with loans in department stores and car dealerships, you should simply wait for the permanent document to be issued.

A passport is simply presented, so that the loan can then be taken out without any further complications. This also has an ID number that can be easily inserted into the pre-prepared application forms.

What alternative do I have to get a loan with provisional paper?

What alternative do I have to get a loan with provisional paper?

The easiest way to obtain a loan with a provisional ID card is usually at your own bank. Important: You are already known at the institute. The ID card is of no importance for the credit check or information provided by Credit bureau anyway, because the provisional ID card can be used as a valid registration confirmation by the Residents’ Registration Office for these processes.

This document is sufficient for manual processing of a loan with a provisional ID card, because it is only intended to prove your own identity and current place of residence. Other established credit institutions also accept a provisional ID card without any problems, because this is also about proof of identity – the ID number. has no influence on the processing formalities. Normally, the loan with a provisional ID card is not a hurdle and the application is also possible.

If in doubt, your own bank or a branch bank are the right place to go for an ID card with provisional ID documents. An online loan, especially if it is a Credit bureau-free loan, can only be applied for with a valid ID.

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