Cybercrime on the rise in Twin City, police station caught off guard!

As technology gets smarter, Odisha has witnessed a corresponding increase in cases of fraud, harassment and threats in cyberspace.

Cyber ​​scams have also witnessed a surge in the Twin City, catching police at the police station by surprise amid a significant increase in online transactions during the lockdown months, just like last year.

Online fraud to the tune of around Rs 6 Crore has been reported in the Twin Cty over the past six months. Cybercrime is now rampant in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar, so much so that Twin City Police have received around 1,700 complaints of such cases in the past four months.

According to law enforcement sources, online fraudsters are using innovative ways to deceive people. Most cases of fraud are reported through debit and credit cards. Cyber ​​looters also blackmail individuals by chatting with them through messaging apps and asking for money. There has also been an upsurge in email sextortion rackets in recent days. These sextortionists leaked people’s email IDs and passwords.

Experts believe cybercriminals have honed their skills after focusing more on carrying out illegal activity on social media, assuming people would spend more time online during the lockdown.

By distributing messages such as “get free mobile top-up”, for example, these criminals usually trick people into clicking spam links so that they can collect more data by directing them to bogus websites.

There are many online payment apps and wallets that are used to trick people. Under the pretext of giving away money or lottery requests, cybercriminals use screen sharing apps to trick people. No less than 300 such cases have been reported in the twin city alone in the past six months.

Likewise, people have been deceived under the pretext of telephone payment and cash back rewards, and as many as 200 such cases have been reported in the Twin City during the period. The elderly have become more vulnerable to cyber crooks, according to reports.

“There has been a drastic increase in cybercrime. Antisocial people use innovative methods to fool people. We are equipped to deal with this evolving threat with the help of the latest technology and trained police personnel. The police station has launched a helpline to fight cybercrime, ”said a police official.

(Edited by Suryakant Jena)

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