DOE’s Greg Sisson warns the public about social engineering scams

Ministry of Energy

Greg Sisson, acting deputy chief information officer for cybersecurity and director of information security at the Department of Energy (DOE), said the public should be wary of scams that use engineering tactics social in the midst of the pandemic.

Sisson wrote in a blog post on Monday that social engineering scams use human interaction through texts, phone calls, emails and online platforms to gain personal information.

He noted that common forms of social engineering scams include phishing, spoofing and disinformation campaigns. He also cited “smishing,” which are email attacks that trick users into clicking malicious links; and brushing, which are mainly used by online sellers to mine personal data and craft positive orders and reviews.

“The level of sophistication of criminals has increased and they are using machine learning and artificial intelligence to create models and improve their tactics,” Sisson said.

It recommends users to confirm email senders, rate the content of messages, contact sources before sending personal information, remove unwanted data from social media, and check content for reliability. in line.

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James F. So