Edison Mail Launches New $ 15 Monthly Subscription Service With Additional Anti-Phishing Features

Edison Mail announced a new paid subscription service, Edison Mail Plus, which adds a variety of anti-phishing and security-focused features to the mail app for $ 14.99 per month or $ 99.99 per year .

The main addition is a new ‘verify sender’ feature, which flags suspicious emails when they arrive in your inbox and tries to provide better information as to whether the person or company sending you a message is legitimate. The system checks standard email authentication markers such as DMARC, performs server tests to ensure that the email address can actually send and receive emails (and that it is not a spoofed address), and verifies the email by report to various existing spam databases.

Edison also uses a device-based local scan of your existing emails and contacts to validate your contacts and tell if an email is sent from a previous genuine contact or an impostor. (The company is keen to note that all scans take place directly on your phone and the information there does not leave your device.) The new feature also allows you to easily update your contacts, if there are any changes. legitimate.

Finally, Edison adds better spam blocking – it will automatically recognize the phone numbers you receive in emails and display this contact information on incoming calls and texts, and also offer a one-click option to block them. numbers of your e-mail.

I got to try out the new features, and while they are certainly good additions, it’s hard to imagine paying the $ 14.99 per month that Edison charges here. Unless you are particularly plagued by phishing issues, common sense and Gmail’s existing anti-spam measures seem more than enough.

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James F. So