HSBC warning about dangerous spam messages with customers asked to block suspicious numbers

HSBC customers are being notified of a new message they may have received from scammers.

Unsuspecting Britons have reported receiving an SMS alert allegedly from HSBC. In the message, they are notified that a payment has been issued from their account and they may need to take action.

A variant of the message reads: “HSBC: A new payee request has been created from an unrecognized device.” You can authorize or cancel this request through … (website link address) “

While another customer received the message: “HSBC: a new BENEFICIARY has been added to your account today at 12:12 am.

“If it was NOT you, please visit: “

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Fraudulent SMS from HSBC that customers recently received

This message could be of concern to HSBC users and those who believe their bank account may be at risk of fraud.

HSBC users are urged to be on guard when it comes to any text message they receive claiming to be from an official source.

In particular, people should be very careful when it comes to clicking on links in messages.

Cybercriminals claim to be an official source in hopes of getting Brits to click on the link in the text message.

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From there, individuals are redirected to a scam website, which looks like the official HSBC landing page, and will be encouraged to enter their personal information to supposedly resolve the issue.

Fraudsters could then gain access to private and sensitive information that could have devastating consequences.

A user took to Twitter to share their text message and said: “@HSBC is this a scam.”

To which they replied: “Hello. Please avoid clicking on the links mentioned.

“Block the number and remove the text because it is a scam.”

Another customer said he received a text requesting a transfer request for £ 3,880.

The HSBC customer tweeted a screenshot of the photo and said: “If you can find that amount of money in my account, let me know, well done.”

Fortunately, the real banking provider was on hand to offer support and advice to those who may have been affected.

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