Liquid money day loans: advice not to risk

Life is unpredictable and in this context it can also happen to find yourself in the situation of needing money immediately . In these cases, the only viable solution seems to be that of asking for loans with liquid money during the day , so as to be able to face the urgency immediately and think only after the return of the money.

However, we must pay close attention to the proposed solutions, unless it is the intervention of friends and relatives or very reliable people. In fact, when you are in too much of a hurry, if you are not careful, you risk finding yourself further in difficulty, accepting conditions so onerous that you will hardly be able to cope .

What could be the ‘regular’ and less risky solutions? Let’s see them together.

Loan between individuals

Loan between individuals

If you want to obtain short-term financing, which does not have to respect the typical approval times of a bank or a financial company (which even in the case of fast procedures can take on average not less than 48 hours), it could be decisive to seek a private individual who is willing or able to lend us the money we need. These are almost always friends or relatives, for which large formalisms will not be needed and, in the case of signing bills, the procedure will only require time to fill in the qualifications.

However, to avoid problems in the event that checks are carried out on current accounts by the taxman, it is always advisable to also prepare a private writing (an even more fundamental aspect in the case of cash). The conditions of the agreement and loan must be reported here, such as the type of rate applied, the frequency of repayments, if it is without interest rate, etc.

A separate discussion must be made in the case of ‘lenders’ who do not know each other. In this regard, two realities must be clearly distinguished, namely:

  • social lending, which despite using liquidity from individuals who want to diversify their investments, provides the loan through platforms and companies authorized and supervised by the competent authorities;
  • private individuals who ‘offer’ themselves for this type of activity.

In the first case we are faced with safe realities, while in the second case the risk of running into fraud or usury increases precisely due to the lack of official control . Let’s analyze the question even more in detail.

Social Lending

Social Lending

The operation is simple: the meeting between the lender (private) and the applicant (private) passes through a platform managed by an intermediary company which has the task of assessing the credibility and security for both the lenders and the lenders. funded potential. For this reason, the evaluation of requests may require not very short times. So if you need liquidity in a day, this is a little way forward.

Private unknown

money loan

The web is full of people who propose to act as lenders, even at very competitive announced rates. However, these are situations beyond all control, with conditions that cannot often be negotiated and treatments that can give the feeling of having found the solution immediately but which, after the showdown, can cause more problems than they had in principle.

Law enforcement sites also have sections specifically dedicated to the risks associated with this type of access to loans, so if you are considering this as the only viable alternative, before proceeding, it is good to have a look at these pages. officers present both on the Calbanieri website and on that of the State Police.

Loan changed

Loan changed

Loans with promissory notes offered by a private individual, friend or relative is a form of financing that today is not frequently proposed by banks or financial companies. In the case of banks, a director can be found who is willing to grant this solution but is still a rare situation. However, you can find some local financial which has specialized in this method of granting personal loans, also extending it to bad payers or protests.

However, these are often small realities, with obvious territorial limitations and which may in any case require short delivery times, because there is almost always a procedure for careful evaluation. In a nutshell, the possibility of obtaining same day cash loans is uncertain.

Prevalences and revolving credit

Prevalences and revolving credit

If you want to be sure of getting the money you need in a day or even immediately, but at market conditions, so as not to undergo an inexpensive treatment from an economic point of view, then you must play in advance and take advantage of a loan with an overestimation . With this type of financing, a real evaluation is faced, which may require medium or in some cases even long times, but which ends in times prior to those in which you need money.

Once the loan is granted , a reserve of money is obtained which will be used only if necessary and only from that moment will the expenses and the repayment of the interest rates be faced. Today the big banks, such as Onecredi, PnL or Sanlucas Financing, provide these solutions, which go alongside the traditional bank credit for current account holders.

As another alternative, you can access revolving loans, which have a function similar to the prevalences: the usable sum is granted but until it is used it does not generate interest .

The disadvantages, for both types, are related to the amounts that can be obtained, limited to the figure established in the majority of the valuation or fixed as a revolving credit. Therefore, it is not possible to negotiate or request higher sums if, at the moment of need, one realizes that that sum is not sufficient.