MEDIAWATCH: Is Stuff just bad social engineering propaganda for NZ on Air?

Weekly editorial meeting at Stuff

The enormous amount of money injected into The Spin-off’s throat to regurgitate the Awakened Mantra is only comparable to what Stuff got.

I laughed so hard at the following list because you can’t really write such a funny satire.

I swear to Christ this is real money distributed by NZ on Air to Stuff for real content …

  • Recipient: Thing
    Rising: $ 301,000
    Project: A “cultural skills course” for Stuff journalists “to fundamentally change portrayal in New Zealand media”
  • Recipient: Thing
    Rising: $ 143,000
    Project: A documentary on the production of an opera about ‘unruly British tourists’
  • Recipient: Thing
    Rising: $ 97,000
    Project: A podcast series called “Crying At Work” which shows “what are the real consequences for women who find themselves in the brutal news cycle”
  • Recipient: Thing
    Rising: $ 120,000
    Project: Four podcast episodes on “the anarchic radical feminists who set foot on the accelerator of social change”

Apparently, Stuff could cost $ 300,000 for a “cultural competency course” that didn’t cover driving Martin Devlin to suicide.

When you consider the threats Australian company Fairfax posed to the government at the time, promising to slash public interest journalism if regulators didn’t allow them to create a media monopoly, it’s hilarious how Stuff NZ only took a year to transform. in the signal of the awakened virtue of choice for the dismal partisans of the identity politics of the middle class.

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The symbiotic relationship between Stuff reporters and the awakened lynch mobs creates an unholy conclave of word-crime denunciations and cancellations while denying the culture of cancellation is even one thing.

The Awakened Dogma of Middle Class Identity Politics Editorial stance and the cacophony of intersectionist grievances fighting for hierarchy are as fun as dental surgery using keyhole entry through the anus.

We understand, every man is awful, all white people are racist, ‘Kill a mockingbirdis hate fiction, I promise to burn all my Harry Potter books, patriarchy, toxic masculinity etc etc etc.

Sure, the earth is melting and a handful of oligarchs own more than the rest of the planet, but let’s focus on why middle class women deserve more.

Alison Mau’s 10 billionth column on Why Men Are Crap should be celebrated with live castration.

It’s good that Stuff is now New Zealand-owned and his journalism is important, but it just became another seat in NZ on Air’s diner-funded NZ on Air Echo Chamber. elite that extends from the spin-off to RNZ. Same content, same voices, same questions, same agreed social narrative.

Same. Same. Same.

Stuff NZ adds to the growing political polarization, not lessens it.

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