MEDIAWATCH: Spin-off & Stuff as Social Engineering Government Propaganda

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I’ve always thought everyone knew that Spin-off was nothing more than a social engineering government propaganda platform for middle-class millennials masquerading as “journalism,” but the amount of government money poured into the SpinOff surprised us all.

The SpinOff is Wellington’s megaphone in Auckland and its “journalism” consisted of setting up a Labor Party member for rape by someone who tampered with evidence.

This grotesque injury to “journalism” hasn’t stopped SpinOff from drowning in taxpayer dollars, as the way NZ on Air works means that a few select elite opinion platforms are getting all the money for it. make sure their elite opinion circle fool shuts down everything else.

This awakened cavalcade of frowned upon taxpayer-funded content created with the same intellectual rigor as your suburban Wellington blogger’s average trigger points has produced an editorial team fighting daily to prove who hates white cis men most. heteronormative.

$ 6 million so white people can feel guilty and the virtue signaling their therapeutic learnings seems so fucking Wellington, doesn’t it?

Apparently, Stuff could cost $ 300,000 for a “cultural competence course,” which obviously did not cover pushing Martin Devlin to suicide.

Watch how the two new organizations pump Jacinda’s propaganda for hate speech laws.

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James F. So