Microsoft Exchange Adds New Google-Inspired Anti-Phishing Feature

Recently, Google implemented new security features in Gmail to combat phishing threats, and now Microsoft is following suit with a planned update to Exchange. Via Microsoft’s 365 roadmap, the company said it is developing a PowerShell cmdlet that will allow administrators to enable protections against spam and phishing threats that may appear in your mailbox. receipt from suspicious senders.

For the foreseeable future, users of Microsoft’s email services will notice a new tag on emails titled “external” in their message lists in Outlook on the web, Outlook for Mac, iOS, and Android. Some Outlook email clients may also offer an “email tip” at the top of an incoming email with the sender’s email address.

You might be a little familiar with this, as a recent update to the Microsoft Outlook mobile app added an external label to the top of emails in your inbox. When you select the label, it reveals a sender’s email information, allowing users to decide whether it is a trusted source or not and securely open attachments included in the email.

Most of the emails we receive are mostly from people who tend to be harmless, but in today’s world cyber criminals are working overtime to introduce malware into your system and steal your information or even your identity. So we need to diligently review those emails that we’re not too sure about. Users should beware of links and attachments in emails that claim this is an urgent matter that needs to be dealt with immediately, like those emails from mysterious bank executives informing you that your uncle fabulously rich and unknown died in a burst of glory saving the rainforest and you are his only heir.

That said, Microsoft wants us all to take the matter more seriously and always be on the lookout. The new phishing update is still in development and is expected to arrive later this month, according to 365 Roadmap. Until then, remember that you don’t have an adventurous uncle trying to save the world. Like my uncle, your uncle is probably enjoying a quiet retirement in Florida and sipping cocktails with small umbrellas.

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James F. So