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For hackers and professional penetration testers alike, social engineering is a valuable tool. Because hacking cannot always be done by brute force, since the concept of limited login and other forms of security came into play.

Penetration must be done from within, by unwitting accomplices of the target organization itself through social engineering. Social engineering, however, is a vast subject in itself and uses various tools to be accomplished.

There is a lot of social engineering tools available for the professional hacker or penetration tester.

Through social engineering tools, we mean software solutions that facilitate the realization of most social engineering concepts. When practicing social engineering, for example, it is important to know your targets.

The people who work in the target organization, who they are, where they often go and possibly their behaviors.

Most of the work can be done through OSINT or open source intelligence. Most people are basically open books on the internet, especially if they spend a lot of time on social media.

OSINT itself is a social engineering tool and there are tools to perform OSINT such as:

  • PeekYou – there are many sites where you can search for a specific person who is not on popular social media, in order to “catch up” on the time. One of them is PeekYou, a reliable but paid people search website. If you have a career in any area of ​​hacking, this is a great tool to get data like place of residence, education, age, online aliases , the employer, etc.
  • Buscador forensic operating system – an operating system for OSINT that can be used by hackers, pen testers as well as private investigators.
  • Maltego – there is also Maltego. Unfortunately, it’s not completely free. The retail version can really help you get an organization’s email addresses, DNS information, people’s addresses, and infrastructure technologies.
  • Metagoofil and Foca – Other personal information can be found in the files of an organization itself. Office document files can be full of raw files and metadata. Obtaining this data is the job of Foca and Metagoofil.
  • Social Engineer Toolkit (SET) – Once you know a little more about the target (s), it’s time to attack. The Social Engineer Toolkit is a powerful set of tools developed by TrustedSec, a popular group of cybersecurity professionals.
  • HackSearch Pro Plugin – OSINT also involves information about the target organization itself. It can be difficult to access the juiciest parts of a website like the gateway, DNS info, but this Firefox plugin will do a lot of the work. Just browse the target website and the plugin will do the rest.
  • Shodan – is a powerful tool for finding out more about the target organization. It is considered the Google of hackers and cybersecurity professionals. It shows you the devices used by the organization, the servers used and the services subscribed, among others.
  • Unshredder – is intended for the serious hacker or pen tester, as it is used to put together recovered and shredded documents, which often contain juicy information. It is for the more serious because it is a process which takes time.

After learning a lot about the organization and its employees, it is time to launch the real attacks using SET or others. social engineering tools, concepts and techniques, including interacting with targets using social engineering concepts such as authority, reciprocity, flattery and influence.

Or there is real espionage involving physical penetrating tools such as fake IDs, clothing, hidden cameras, or employee baiting with random disks and USB drives. And finally, get into old school mind games over the phone or online through vhishing, phishing, spear phishing.

As mentioned, social engineering is a broad concept with many social engineering tools. Social engineering is often effective thanks to bugs inherent in the human brain that make untrained individuals vulnerable.

It’s wide but not difficult. Learn more about the concepts we have mentioned and you have just provided yourself with a valuable tool for both sides of the cybersecurity barrier.

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